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Posted: January 11, 2013 in Debt, Uncertainty

Detroit councilwoman to mayor: We supported Obama overwhelmingly, so go get a bailout from him because he owes us

By Doug Powers  •  December 5, 2012 12:22 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Same old story: A city has been horribly mismanaged and run into the ground, and everybody should pay up so they can keep running it the same way:

DETROIT (WJBK) — The city of Detroit faces a major financial crisis and one member of city council thinks President Barack Obama should step in and help.

City Council member JoAnn Watson said Tuesday the citizens support of Obama in last month’s election was enough reason for the president to bailout the struggling the city.

“Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson. “Of course, not just that, but why not?”

Nearly 75 percent of Wayne County voters pulled the lever for Obama in November.

“After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C. and came home with some bacon,” said Watson. “That’s what you do.”

Young served as Detroit’s mayor for 20 years and served as vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1977 to 1981.

The story doesn’t clarify the person in the room Watson is addressing, but I’m assuming the “you” she’s referring to is Detroit Mayor Dave Bing. The point though is abundantly clear: We voted for Obama and he owes us a bailout, so let’s go get it!

Anybody who’s genuinely concerned about getting Motown back on its feet would never advise a mayor to “do it the way Coleman Young did it”:

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**Written by Doug Powers

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