Alex Jones

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Alex Jones, Mind Control, New world order (politics), propaganda

Originally posted Feb 23, 2011 and updated January 22, 2013 with more info.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

People like Alex Jones and Ron Paul, while claiming to offer an alternative to American corruption, are strangely silent when it comes to the agency that is historically most culpable. While ostensibly defending our Constitution; they say nothing of the organization that has opposedit the longest. “None of these self-styled ‘freedom fighting’ conspiracy theorists expose the real power behind all the conspiracies at work,” writes Seventh-day Adventist layworker, Roland Temple.

“Alex Jones is hiding the biggest part of the NWO. He’s hiding all this and it’s not by accident,” says (non-Adventist) Christian activist, Thomas Richards. “A lot of the things he covers have a direct connection with The Vatican, but he never mentions it.” That’s suspicious, say some, because the Commander of seems very well informed about everything else that’s going on behind the scenes, almost as if he’s got a back-stage pass.” — Quoted from:

I’ve been very concerned recently about the attitudes and mindsets of some of my friends who regularly listen to radio talk show host Alex Jones. I used to like Alex Jones, and once greatly admired his courage for crashing the Bohemian Grove during one of its annual get-together of the elite. I thought he was great for filming the “Cremation of Care” ceremony, but now I think it all have may been setup for him. He knew he could have been justifiably shot and even killed for trespassing at any time. I believe he had promises beforehand that he wouldn’t be attacked. I never heard of any litigation brought against him for it. Was there any? Well, that’s my little “conspiracy theory” if you like, but the following is not theory; it’s history and a provable fact:

Alex Jones falsely proclaimed to the world that Y2K was destroying a town:

Alex Jones is a shill

Alex Jones
Twenty to 40,000 civilians trapped in the city … tanks are being blown to bits, massive broad unguided rocket attacks are being launched massively from the city indiscriminately right now, air and artillery bombardments as well. It is absolutely out of control. It is pandemic ladies and gentlemen. … You can hear it all yourself from

The American patriot and one of my heroes, William Cooper, didn’t like Alex Jones and exposed his Y2K fear mongering tactics on one of his shortwave radio broadcasts. I believe William Cooper was a sincere truth teller who paid the price for his faithful broadcasting of truth with martyrdom. How many times has Alex Jones been persecuted and beat up to the point of being hospitalized? William Cooper was.

Bill Cooper Says Alex Jones Is a NWO Shill

Alex Jones exposes himself as a shill

The Youtube clip below shows Alex Jones rudely disrupting a peaceful rally lead by an American patriot proclaiming the same message Jones himself claims to hold!

“The alter ego of Alex Jones got the better of him today in Austin. Two minutes into an organized rally at the steps of the Austin Police Department, Alex shows up and immediately starts bullhorning over the speech of local patriot, John Bush.” (From )

Alex Jones betrayed a Christian patriot family in Texas

Please see for details.

Some of my friends who listen to Alex Jones, and who knew political reality from decades ago, seem to actually believe that Ron Paul, if elected U.S. President, could turn around the negative foreign and domestic policies America has had since close to the beginning of the 20th century and improve the well being of the American people. With all the true information they had 30 years ago, I do think they should know better! No one man can turn around that country, not even with the help of all his friends. The enemy has infiltrated far too deeply. If Paul even came close to winning in a presidential campaign, I would smell a rat. Paul would need massive support of the Mass Media and Elite to be a viable contender for the presidency. And if he won, would he actually fulfill his present vision for the country? If he tried, he would suffer the same fate as JFK did in no time.

An excellent resource I found is Who is Alex Jones?

One of the comments on that page says:

AJ’s duty is to serve his masters by conducting occult magick, in order to create the illusion of truth. By what seems to be endless amounts of bones to uncover, the people have been thrust into a frenzied mentality of let’s see what AJ has for us tonight. As if they are dope feigns looking for their next hit and at the end of the day, what difference has it really meant in the grand scheme of things. They often end right back at ground zero, only to repeat the routine over and over like a rat running on a treadmill.

Alex Jones talks about Al-queda as a creation of the CIA as if it is an actual network of terrorists. It is not. Al-qaeda is a creation of the CIA, but created only as a fantasy only in the minds of the public! Al-queda doesn’t exist!

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.–Lenin

I think Mr. Jone$ may have ulterior intere$t$. I suppose there is a lot of ca$h to be got by $preading di$information.

Am I a pessimist in my overall worldview? I am very optimistic of the future, but only when the King returns.

More information about who Alex Jones really is:

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