Alien UFO Deception

There is Power In The name of Jesus

Come along on a journey through space and time as indepen-dent abduction researcher Wesley M. Clark takes a look at UFO and alien abduction phenomenon from a uniquely bibli-cal perspective. Mr. Clark arrives at some shocking conclu-sions that sheds light on alien abduction and other supernatu-ral phenomena and provides startling evidence for the power and authority of the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


The Star Wars Phenomena

“Lighten up!” people tell us. “Don’t take everything so seriously! After all, it’s just entertainment! We know the difference between good and evil.”

The Star Wars Phenomena


Broadcast Host Steve Quayle


Historical/Prophetic Researcher Thomas Horn


~ Genesis 2:16,17 ~
And instructing is Yahweh Elohim the human , saying ,
” From every tree of the garden, you are to eat, yea, eat .
Yet from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil ,
you are not to be eating from it ,
for in the day you eat from it ,
TO die SHALL you be dying “.

~ Genesis 3:1-5 ~

And the serpent comes to be the craftiest of all field life
which was made by Yahweh Elohim .
And saying is the serpent to the woman ;
” Indeed ! Then the Elohim says ,
‘ Not eat shall you from any tree of the garden ‘ ? ”

And saying is the woman to the serpent ,
” From the fruit of the trees of the garden we are eating ,
yet from the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden ,
the Elohim says, ` Not eat of it shall you ,
and not touch it shall you ,
Lest you be dying ‘ .

” And saying is the serpent to the woman ,
” Not to die shall you be dying ,
for the Elohim knows that ,
in the day you eat of it ,
unclosed shall be your eyes ,
and you become as the Elohim ,
knowing good and evil ” .

~ Genesis 3:14,15 ~

And saying is Yahweh Elohim to the serpent ,
” As you do this, most cursed are you of every beast ,
and of all field life .
On your torso shall you go ,
and SOIL shall you EAT
all the days of your lives .
” And enmity am I setting between you and the woman ,
and between your seed and her seed .
He shall hurt your head
and you shall hurt his heel ” .

~ Genesis 3:22 ~

And saying is Yahweh Elohim ,
” Behold ! The human becomes as one of US ,
knowing good and evil .
And now, lest he stretch forth his hand ,
moreover, and take of the tree of the living ,
and eat and live for the Eon ! ”

~ Genesis 5:1,2 ~

This is the scroll
of the genealogical annals of Adam :
In the day the Elohim created Adam ,
in the LIKENESS of the Elohim He made him .
Male and female created He them ;
and blessing them is He ,
and calling their name Adam
in the day they are created .

~ Genesis 6:1-13 ~

And coming is it that humanity starts
to be multitudinous on the surface of the ground ,
and daughters are born to them .

And seeing are sons of the elohim
the daughters of the human ,
that they are good, and taking are they
for themselves wives of all whom they choose .

And saying is Yahweh Elohim ,
” Not abide shall My spirit in the human for the Eon ,
in that moreover, he is flesh .
And come shall his days to be a hundred and twenty years.”

Now the DISTINGUISHED come to be
in the earth in those days ,
and, moreover, afterward ,
coming are those who are sons of the elohim
to the daughters of the human ,
and they bear for them .
They are the MASTERS ,
who are from the Eon ,
MORTALS with the name .

And seeing is Yahweh Elohim
that much is the evil of humanity in the earth ,
and every form of the devices of its heart
is but evil all its days .
And regretting is Yahweh Elohim
that He made humanity on the earth ,
and grieving to His heart .
And saying is Yahweh Elohim ,
” Wipe will I the humanity, which I have created ,
off the surface of the ground ,
from human unto beast ,
and unto the moving animal ,
and unto the flyer of the heavens ,
for I regret that I have made them.”

Yet Noah finds grace in the eyes of Yahweh Elohim .
These are the genealogical annals of Noah :
Noah is a just man .
Flawless became he in his generations .
With the Elohim walks Noah .
And begetting is Noah three sons ,
Shem, Ham, and Japheth .

And being ruined is the earth before the Elohim ,
and being filled is the earth with wrong .
And seeing is Yahweh Elohim the earth ,
and behold ! Ruined is it ,
for ruining is all flesh its way on the earth .
And saying is the Elohim to Noah ,
” The era of the end of all HUMAN flesh is come before Me ,
for full is the earth with wrong because of their presence .
Now behold Me ruining them with the earth .

~ Jude 1:5-8 ~

Now I am intending to remind you ,
you who once are aware of all ,
that the Lord, when saving the people
out of the land of Egypt ,
secondly destroys those who believe not .

Besides, messengers who keep not their own sovereignty ,
but leave their own habitation ,
He has kept in imperceptible bonds under gloom
for the judging of the great day .

As Sodom and Gomorrah
and the cities about them in like manner
to these committing ultra-prostitution ,
and coming away after OTHER flesh ,
are lying before us, a specimen ,
experiencing the justice of fire EONIAN .

Howbeit, these dreamers also ,
likewise are indeed defiling the flesh ,
yet are repudiating lordship
and calumniating glories .

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