Political Deception

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By : Drew Nobliski

Main Stream media is the propaganda machine for the left.  The stories are almost always the same ,no matter which channel you change or news paper you read. This is intentional and designed to condition the viewer  and the reader to think a certain way.  The real news is disturbing ,but needs to be shared. True freedom of the Press  in a Constitutional Conservative perspective is rediculed and shund almost always in the Mainstream media. The Left or liberal progresses have to lie for the headlines to fit the narrative. Their main objective is to completely do away with Our US Constitution. So every story will be specifically crafted with that agenda in the background.

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States Polski: Fragment preambuły Konstytucji Stanów Zjednoczonych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The American Constitution is designed to keep people in positions of power at restraint. When Congress debates and Stalls or even stops working its not a bad thing. Sometimes gridlock with lawmakers is valuable to the people. In many cases this is stoping unjust and unnecessary laws pushing  through. Policies that might have negative consequences on the people thy claim to help. The news media in this country has  become an extension of an all too powerful federal government. It seeks to gain more power and works with the” propaganda department” to  twist and contort the Constitution  . The current news media has always targeted, Hard working, Self Defending ,God fearing beliefs, values and morals.  Simply put, The powerful Liberal MINDS consume as much power and control as they can and still pursue more control.


         Those who do not have their faith in an all powerful, all controlling government are the enemy. WHAT IS WRONG WITH TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE, YOUR OWN WELL BEING, YOUR OWN SAFETY?

Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They use Saul Alinsky tactics to divide and manipulate. They use Race ,Sex, Sexual orientation , Religion and class warfare to destroy any opponent. They themselves hide under the banner of free speech and freedom of the press ,but they want to crush any other voice, group, church, news organisation that calls them out  on their journalism malpractice .   Truth in news reporting is hard to find when your looking at the easiest and brightest stars to pick from  (Big News networks/ Big Newspaper’s).    By doing a little more digging yourself , you find there is usually more to the story that they purposely “left out” ; or flat out lied about it.       Controlling  the way you think about a topic is the name of the game for them. The following are links to worth while deep investigative journalism that are often attacked by the opposition using phases and language like Racist, Sexiest, Homophob ,to keep people from listening to the truth. Regardless of what you may have been told about some of these people or news groups ,I affirm to you, they are not what the Left is constantly projecting.


Mark Levin


World Net Daily





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